What is a Remix, and how is it created?

A Remix is a custom ebook you create by mixing and matching content you have uploaded to Slicebooks. This can include slices and other content such as journal articles, etc. Every time you slice an ebook or upload content, that content is available to you for adding to a remix title.

When you click the "Create a Remix" button (from the Dashboard or your Remixes page), the Remix wizard will take you through a step-by-step process:

1. Choose content

Available content for remixing is displayed by clicking either the PDF or ePub tabs*.  Simply drag & drop content slices from the left content field to the right content field in order to build your Remix. You can also re-order your content by dragging the slices up and down within the New Remix field. When you are satisfied, click "Next". 

*PDF and ePub slices cannot be remixed together. Remixed ebooks can only contain one format or the other.

2. Design a Book cover

Choose from 2 templates (more coming), add a title and description and set your banner colors. or upload your own and set background colors.

3. Edit Metadata

Prepare your Remix for publishing. Enter title, sub-title, description and other required metadata. 

4. Review & Remix

Check that all your settings are as you want them, then click "Remix". It generally takes less than a minute to compile the new ebooks. Your new Remix ebook will then be loaded into your Remixes page. It can now be uploaded to the Slicebooks Store or you can download it and distribute it through your own network.

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