Upload & Sell Slices & Remixes on the Store

From the Publisher Dashboard you can upload sliced ebooks and remixes to be sold on the Slicebooks Store. It is a very simple process and you end up with a new product page on the store displaying your content "whole, sliced and remixable".

1. Set metadata to prepare content for sale

Slicebooks lets you set categories, pricing and other common ebook metadata so to get you new content ready for sale. See the Publisher Dashboard features for more information.

2. Click "Publish"

Select the content you want to upload, then click the green Publish button at the top of the page. This will begin the process of uploading your content to the Slicebooks Store and creating a new product page.



3. Review your content, then upload

4. After upload is completed a new product page is created on the Slicebooks Store. Here's an example of how the content is displayed. Users can purchase your content whole, by the slice and can also add your content to a remix.




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