What Are Slice Levels?

During slicing, you can choose how large you want your slices to be, or whether each slice is a Section, a Chapter or something else. These are called "Slice Levels". 

After uploading your ebook file for slicing, Slicebooks identifies up to 3 slice level options. For PDF files, slice levels are based on where you set the bookmarks for your PDF.  For example, if your PDF file has bookmarks only at the chapter level, then Slicebooks will identify only one slice level option. Other books have more detailed bookmarks will have up to 3 different slice level options.

Here's how it looks when a file has bookmarks set at 2 levels. The user chose Level 2. 

Although users can customize the placement of bookmarks as they wish, commonly bookmarks are set as follows:

Section - Level 1

Chapter - Level 2

Sub-Chapter - Level 3

Be sure to review each slice level before slicing your ebook to assure you receive what you want.

Want a quick "How-to" about Bookmarks? Click here.

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