Slicebooks Raises Funding- Media Bistro-AppNewswer

Slicebooks, a digital publishing platform that lets publishers cut up and repackage eBook content through a widget, has raised a round of seed funding from ICG Ventures Inc., an Ingram Content Group company.

The company will use the funding to help support the company’s technology and the launch of an upcoming Slicebooks Store, a digital retail environment intended to help publishers repurpose existing content, be it books, magazines or journals, and repackage and sell them digitally. The partnership also makes Slicebooks available to any publisher that has integrated with Ingram Content Group’s CoreSource digital asset management platform. Publishers will not have the option to have their files delivered to Slicebooks for slicing.

“The Slicebooks ecosystem is all about helping publishers repurpose content to improve discoverability while also giving consumers greater choice and flexibility,” stated Jill Tomich, CEO of Slicebooks. “Our mission is to make all content available whole, sliced and remixable, and how, when and where consumers want it. Everything we build has that goal in mind.”

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