Can I gift ebooks that have DRM?


eBooks that are DRM free can be gifted to anyone, but files encrypted with DRM are linked to the ebook purchaser and so cannot be gifted to others.

About DRM
Many publishers use Digital Rights Management (DRM) to control the distribution and use of their electronic content. A publisher or author of an eBook usually determines the level of restrictions to be applied to each eBook, including how many times the eBook can be downloaded for single purchase, and the number of devices to which the eBook can be transferred (loaned or borrowed). If an eBook has DRM, it is usually encrypted and/or copy-protected and consequently can only be read on authorized computers or handheld devices by authorized users. On the other hand, if an eBook is unencrypted, or not copy-protected (often referred to as a DRM-free eBook), the eBook can be transferred to personal computers or reading devices an unlimited number of times for personal use.

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