Metadata- ONIX or CSV?

Slicebooks takes either. However, these fields are required:

  • Parent ISBN 13:may be used for both PDF and ePub formats
    • The eISBN must be different for each format
    • The eISBN must not be the same as the ISBN13
  • Cover (isbn.jpeg)
  • Title 
  • Publisher
  • Author 1
  • Description
  • List Price (US Dollars)
  • Street Date (Available on SB Store)
  • Territory (US, Specific Countries, World Wide)
  • BISAC Codes (A minimum of 3)
  • Language
  • Publication Date
  • Tags

A sample metadata form is attached- Required fields are shown in blue. Please send as a .csv file.

Questions? Please don't hesitate to ask.  Email us at




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