The Slicebooks Store Now Open!

The New Slicebooks Store is here! We are thrilled to announce the Slicebooks Store is now open.  The Slicebooks Store is the the world’s first to offer all content “whole, sliced and remixable” (see below for more details). The Slicebooks Store will display mainly non­fiction content (the only fiction content will be short stories and poetry). 

During the next few months take advantage of this special introductory offer:

Any ebook listed on the Slicebooks Store will be sliced and published at no charge. 

This means any author or publisher can upload their books to Slicebooks and we will slice them, then publish them for sale on the store. Below are details regarding how the Slicebooks Store works, what publishers are participating, and the terms. For additional details or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would really like to include your content


What is Slicebooks?

Slicebooks includes both publishing services and the Slicebooks Store. Publishing services includes web tools for ebook slicing of ePub and PDF files, remixing new ebooks, management and automatic publishing to the Slicebooks Store.

What is the Slicebooks Store?

The Slicebooks Store offers all content “whole, sliced and remixable”. All books available on the Slicebooks Store can be purchased whole and by the slice (usually by the chapter, although the actual slice is up to the publisher). Also, customers can “remix” their own custom ebooks using the world’s first ebook remix widget.

What is Consumer Remix?

Customers can mix and match sliced content from various books to create their own custom ebook, which can be read online or downloaded.

Here’s an example of a Slicebooks Store Product Page. It shows the whole book, the slices, and a remix in progress that includes content from 3 different titles.

How can we distribute our content on the Slicebooks Store?

1. Sign up for an account-- It's free and there is no credit card required.

Upload nonfiction titles (plus short stories and poetry)

Our aim is to offer only content that can effectively be offered “whole or sliced”. For that reason only nonfiction content will be offered on the Slicebooks Store (exceptions may be made for short story collections). Our system will use your category metadata to filter out fiction content.

2. All content will be offered whole, sliced and remixable. Any book listed on the Slicebooks Store will be sliced into chapters. During this introductory phase we will do this at no charge to the author/publisher.

How are slices priced?

Except when the content owner chooses otherwise, we price the chapters so that the sum of the chapters is more than the whole ebook price, rounded upward to the next .99 mark.

For example, if the ebook costs $10, and there are 10 chapters, each chapter will be $1.99. If a slice is sold as part of a new Remix, how do we get paid?

Whether they are sold alone or as part of a remixed ebook, all slices are sold as individual ebooks with their own respective pricing. The quarterly royalty report tracks all sales by ebook and by slice.

What are the sales terms?

Publishers and distributors keep 70% of net sales.

How many publishers are part of the Slicebooks Store?

Over 200 publishers have signed up so far, including Random House, Perseus, Michelin, O'Reilly,CoreSource, Franklin Covey, Berrett­-Koehler, Rowman & Littlefield. Slicebooks is also We are also integrated with Ingram's CoreSource Program.

How do we get started?

Head to to sign up.

My files are with Ingram’s CoreSource program. Can you get my files from CoreSource for slicing?

Yes, Slicebooks is partnered with Ingram. If you participate in CoreSource, let us know and we’ll send you a simple form to give to your Ingram representative providing them permission to send us your files for slicing.

Can content owners download the slices and resell them separate from Slicebooks?

Yes, for a small fee of $9 per ebook.

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